I know I can change the screen resolution for:

  1. Desktop (I know I can change it using Settings > Display or xrandr)
  2. Grub (I know I can change it in /etc/default/grub GRUB_GFXLOAD variable)

But, how to change the screen resolution for:

  1. Login screen of lightdm
  2. Login screen and console (tty1, tty2, ...)? (i.e. Alt+Ctrl+1)


I am using Intel HD graphics (ubuntu 14.04 LTS/lightdm) with a screen up to 3840x2160 but I just want to stuck with 1920x1080....

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Thank you, you got me almost all the way there with your line:


However it took me a while to figure that eDP-1 was your monitor. You can see all the potential monitors in /sys/class/drm/

This one-liner, will show you what's connected:

for p in /sys/class/drm/*/status; do con=${p%/status}; echo -n "${con#*/card?-}: "; cat $p; done

In my case, the 4k panel was on DVI-D-1 and I no longer have eyestrain, so thanks again, Andy


After a study, I figured it out that the system switch the video from grub (GRUB_GFXLOAD) -> kernel (GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX) -> drm (?) -> xserver (xrandr/xorg.conf/lightdm.conf)

For drm part, it is set using video= kernel command line. I solved my problem by adding


in kernel command line.

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