On my Windows network drives, some folders have a large number of files beginning with ~$. I would like to hide these files in Nautilus.

I've tried adding the file names to a .hidden file (as documented here), but it doesn't seem to recognize them, I'm assuming because of the tilde in front. Is there a way to either make the file names be recognized from the .hidden file, or to add a rule to Nautilus to hide such file prefixes?

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    It might be (just guessing here, didn't look this up in the Nautilus documentation) that the reason that hiding these files by listing them in a file called .hidden does not work is that Nautilus interprets the lines listed as regular expressions, so the $ in the filename is interpreted specially (not the tilde, which does not have specific meaning). Could you try listing them as ~\$.* and see if this works? – zwets Sep 13 '14 at 22:12

Depending on what those files do for Windows, that might be the reason. If you're NOT dual booting and/or you know that they're not system files that your Windows installation would need, you can try to put them in a .hidden folder to see if that works

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