I have installed windows 8.1 (64bit), when i try to install ubuntu alongside with windows, it doesn't shows the Alongside windows option, and when we select sometlthing else option, it shows as if the entire disk is unallocated, it doesn't recognize the partitions. Please guide me to partition and install ubuntu along with windows

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There are numerous specific possible causes of these symptoms, but my guess is that you installed Windows in BIOS/CSM/legacy mode, which resulted in Windows incompletely converting a GPT disk to MBR form, which has confused libparted, upon which the Ubuntu installer, GParted, parted, and several other tools rely. If I'm right, the simplest solution is to run FixParts (the fixparts program, part of the gdisk package in Ubuntu) on the disk. It should ask if you want to delete the backup GPT data. Respond in the affirmative.

For more on this, see the following:

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