Sir I need one help we have our community small group one of my friend created last month unfortunately he deactivated that account so there is no Admin here how can i make admin there we wants to block one person how to help me please akbarali

  • Could you open terminal and update your question with: groups yourUser output, content of /etc/group file, community small group name and user name you want to deactivate?
    – Lety
    Sep 13, 2014 at 10:08

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Assuming I have read your question correctly, the following instructions should work.

How to add an existing user to the admin / sudo group using Recovery Mode

First shutdown your computer.

Then restart whilst holding the left Shift key to load grub menu.

Select recovery mode from the grub menu.

Select drop to root shell from the recovery menu.

Then use the following command to remount the drive with write permissions.

mount -o rw,remount /

Next use the following command to add a user to the sudo / admin group.

adduser username sudo

You must replace username with your user name ie.

adduser akbar sudo

You should now see a message saying 'adding user' followed by 'done'.

Finally use shutdown -r now to restart the computer.

You will now have a working admin account enabling you to make the required changes.

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