I am using a Thinkpad W530, and due to my works, I need to use an external monitor.

I am using nouveau and nvidia-prime to switch between intel and nvidia adapter.

After I connected and switched on the external monitor (an Acer AL1716) my cursor start to be flickering/blinking at my built in monitor.

Whenever I switch off the external monitor, the cursor is nice again. I have read some questions about this issue, the solution is switch off the external monitor.

However, I need to use external monitor. Could anyone help me?


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Try to force fullscreen re-draws.

apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager

There in section Workarounds check option Force full screen redraws (buffer swap) on repaint

Or, you can try these two:

Fix screen updates in XGL with fglrx

Force syncronization between X and GLX

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