I want to try install ubuntu on LVM RAID logical volume, but fail on step grub installation.

There are my steps as below: 1. use three HDDs called sda, sdb, and sdc to create a volume group. 2. ctrl+alt+f2 switch to cmdline and create a raid5 logical volume to be "/". lvcreate --type raid5 -i 2 -L 500G -n lv vg 3. create a logical volume 32G as swap. lvcreate -L 32G -n lv_swap vg 4. install grub on /dev/sda, but failed. error msg: Executing 'grub-install /dev/sda' failed. This is a fatal error.

I also tried to have one partition on each disk, and do the same procedures but still failed. Though installation interface does not support creating LVM raid LV, I am not sure if it is allowed in installation. Does someone have any idea to use LVM raid in OS installation?

Maybe using md raid to be LVM volume is a easy way to avoid this situation, but I still want to know if LVM raid could be used during installation process or not.


I'd recommend this guide, it seems reasonable: http://blogging.dragon.org.uk/installing-ubuntu-14-04-on-raid-1-and-lvm/

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