I'm planning to buy an SSD (Corsair Force Series 60GB) but haven't found any reassurance that it is "safe" to install Ubuntu 11.04 on without commands or "hacks". I want to install Ubuntu on an SSD and don't want to care about writing commands after the installation to fix TRIM support.

My question is: Can I install Ubuntu 11.04+ on an SSD just like I do on an HDD and not have problems with TRIM and performance? Or does Ubuntu not support TRIM without technical configuration?


Enabling TRIM support does help maintain the highest performance of an SSD over time. Enabling it is fairly simple, see this guide:

You'll be happy with Ubuntu on an SSD -- it's quite snappy and works very well.

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    Why isn't it enabled on by default when an SSD is detected? – levesque Jul 23 '12 at 8:42
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    SATA TRIM can't be queued. It can also take some time to process, and/or leave the drive "busy" (slower) for a time afterwards. Guess what, it turns out invoking it after every single delete is not automatically a good idea. Just going from the specification, If you want an OS to "support" such a unique command – sourcejedi Sep 8 '12 at 14:35

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