The unattended-upgrade exited with some error, and later in the Desktop session, I was asked to enter my password to be able to view some error occured which was a crash report for unattended-upgrade. Then I clicked the continue button of the crash reporting application (Apport right?) and the window closed )system-monitor showed a small upload) and that was that. I was asked to enter my password to view the problem, and when I did that and forwarded to the concerned, I didn't even get an acknowledgement?

This page mentions:

If the user leaves the "Send error report" checkbox enabled, Apport uploads the collected information to the bug tracking system. After that it opens the packages' bug filing page with a sensible default bug title and leaves the rest of bug filing process to the web UI.

Is there a way to make apport acknowledge back together with the link to the bug report created? Mine was a duplicate to some previously reported bug, how's this handled?

Update 2.1: Now talking of one more crash (among many others, getting quite a few crashes!), this doesn't seem to be a duplicate and didn't show any uri to a previous bug report. With error reporting turned on again, it was probably sent. How am I to know about the progress?

Also, why apport used to ask for password even to view the crash report, but now it does not?

Update 2.2: Okay, just got this window:


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