I am trying to build an application that requires the phonon library...

I got an error because the lphonon was not found. so I tried to look for it... there is no "phonon" on my system.

I tried installing it

sudo apt-get install libqt4-phonon sudo apt-get install libqt4-phonon-dev

neither worked, so I tried

sudo apt-get install phonon

It worked... and i was able to find it in


, but the files i find are

libphonon.so.4 and libphonon.so.4.6.0

I added this path in the project file

unix:INCLUDEPATH += /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu

this was there before

unix:QT += phonon

Do I have to change the name of the lib ? How can I make it work ?

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On my system there isn't this package, but thee is something available called libphonon4qt5. I suggest you go into synaptic, search for phonon and pick the package you need.

  • Thank you i was just updating my question... I was able to download... something but I don't know if it is right... I must use qt4.
    – Thalia
    Sep 3, 2014 at 16:06

The only thing that finally worked was to install the deb package myself...


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