I use Ubuntu Studio 12.04 as a Fusion VM under Mac OSX Mavericks. I have been trying to define a shortcut key to snap a window to the left half or right half of the screen. I can do this with a cursor move and would like to do it with keystrokes.

I open up Settings Manager --> Window Manager --> Keyboard and I can see the Actions and Shortcuts columns

I doubleclick on an Action and a popup opens but the Compose Shortcut tool mentioned in the Help file does not appear. Therefore I cannot change or reassign any of these.

Steps I have taken:

I have looked at Align windows with keyboard shortcuts? and the other links suggested in it along with several other searches Per above, I can get to the settings window but can't change the setting

I have tried Compiz several times and have not been able to get it to work stably. Too many of its features conflict with one another or my underlying system. This

I have logged in using ubuntustudio and Xfce options at the login prompt. There is no difference in settings menu behavior

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