I often bring up xeyes to test X11 display, especially when checking out my remote X sessions. However, without a title bar, it's not easy to close. I have to kill the window instead.

Does anyone know how to bring the title bar back to xeyes?

Some clarifications. There are reasons that I use the title bar in windows which includes grabbing resource for moving (alt mouse cursor fails in a virtual machine). I at times send the xeyes to my real machine as an easy visual that the remote machine is alive. The missing title bar/boards makes it impossible (for me) to re-size it. When there were borders I use to make it extremely small, make it always on top, and move it to a convenient location away from my other work. I also miss being able to put it available on all workspaces.

I guess if I ask a question for each of the needs I could probably get most of the things done with some type of workaround. However, I find the title bar a convenient tool for quickly and conveniently working with a window. My "real" question is, does anyone know of a way to invoke the title bar in xeyes.

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Is a right-click on the launcher not an option? After starting xeyes it also brings up that icon on the launcher. You can right-click on it and choose Quit.

  • Thanks for the input and workaround. I should have mentioned that I had tried to use right clicking to bring up the title bar and a little more details of the need of the title bar. When doing some of my remote work I often do it in a virtual machine. Without a title bar, I don't know how to move the xeyes on a virtual machine. On my real machine I can hold the alt button and move it with the mouse. But this doesn't work on a virtual machine. Since you mention work around, are you saying it isn't possible to have a title bar? Commented Aug 29, 2014 at 7:47

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