I've just upgraded to Ubuntu version 14.04 from 12.04 but I cannot now print to my hp3520 printer anymore.

Any advice / suggestions?
Do I need to find / re-install a driver?
If so how and where from?

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Part way through downloading the latest HPLIP, my wife told me that her Ubuntu 12.04 installation was also not able to use the printer. Since that had been working fine, I ended up shutting off the printer and modem/router, restarting the modem/router, and then restarting the printer. Both 12.04 (with a its previously updated hplip) and 14.04 with its stock hplip were able to recognize the printer then. Appears to have been a network problem.


Install hplip-gui if you do not have it:

sudo apt-get install hplip-gui

It contains a lot of commands starting with hp-, (try hp-<TAB> in a shell).

Start with hp-check , which looks for dependencies required by the hp-* tools, and explains problems, or fixes them automatically.
There is a similar tool hp-doctor; it's unclear to me what the difference is. (No man page - hp-doctor -h for help).

Then run hp-plugin (it may not be needed for the printer, but it does no harm).

Continue with hp-setup , and hp-toolbox for setup and main options.

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