I'm currently looking for an opensource web based inventory. I saw a few like GLPI and OCS Inventory NG but don't have much idea about it as I have not used one before. Please give your suggestions.

My requiremets:

A simple and easy to use inventory.


There are not that many alternatives, but we can still build a list:

GPLI + OCS - this is the most common set up on Debian based distributions. Since you are new to this field I would advise you to start here, counting on its large community.

Pulse 2 - a project by Mandriva that looks very mature with lots of features. In principle also backed by a strong community, but concieved for a different distribution.

Snipe IT - recent, with not that many features, but uses Bootstrap and looks very nice.

FusionInventory - this is an alternative to OCS, meaning that you will still need GPLI to keep a centralised inventory.

Extra: There is a recent GPLI + OCS installation guide at Ubuntu Geek.


this a very late reply, but it's still a common result that pops up within the first page or two of a search engine.

Snipe IT has come a very long way since this post was answered originally, and it's well worth a look if people are interested in a clean web based asset management system.

The app also has an install script that will aid in the installation of Snipe IT for Ubuntu/Debian/CentOS.

Hope this helps future visitors.

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