I have spent days reading everything I came across in the attempt to Access files from my internal hard drive on a Windows 7 Computer that no longer works.

I don't know what the Problem is. I finally got a USB stick with Ubuntu 14.04 on it and that seems to work just fine. I cannot Access my hard drive. It might be there but I don't know. I see a 4.1 GB hard Disk (/dev/sda) in devices from disks. But I just don't know how to Access it.

I somehow managed to get to: root@ubuntu:~# but don't know what to do from there, if anything. Is there any place where a complete Computer idiot can get step by step, easy to follow instructions?

I would really like to Access my hard drive and pull a couple files off it before it gets sent in to the shop. I really don't have much Computer knowledge but would greatly appreciate any help!

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    Can you see the Ubuntu desktop when you boot from the ubuntu USB ? – Mark Kirby Aug 24 '14 at 12:43

When you start up the computer using the Ubuntu USB, click the Try Ubuntu button to get to a desktop.

As long as your hard drive is functioning property, and as long as your Windows 7 installation is not encrypted, these steps should work to access your documents:

  1. Click on the folder icon on the left-hand side to open the file browser.

  2. Under the "Devices" section on the left, click on your hard drive. It should be named something like "XX GB Filesystem." enter image description here

  3. You should see the files in your C: drive. Navigate to Users\Documents and Settings\(username) and you should see your personal documents.

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