help to activate evolution email - to receive my centurylink emails.

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Before we are able to setup an account with Evolution we need to know a few details on your account setting that you need to ask from your provider:

  • Email address
  • Username for login
  • Password for login
  • Account type: IMAP or POP3
  • Name of the server for incoming mail (e.g. imap.provider.com)
  • Name of the server for outgoing mail (e.g. smtp.provider.com)
  • support for encryption yes/no

With these informations we can setup an account in Evolution (and similarly in other e-mail applications)

Running Evolution for the first time

When running Evolution for the first time a setup assistant will guide you through the setting up your first account. Enter your email address in this menu:

enter image description here

Then enter the server name for incoming mail if it's an IMAP account:

enter image description here

or enter the server name for incoming mail if it's a POP3 account:

enter image description here

In the same window we need to define settings for encryption (if supported):

enter image description here

Next we need to tell Evolution options for incoming mail:

enter image description here

Thenafter we need to give details on the server for outgoing mail (SMTP) (including details on authentication to this server, ask you provider if you don't know):

enter image description here

In the last window we can define a name how this account will be displayed in Evolution:

enter image description here

Adding an account or editing account settings

In case we have Evolution already setup we can add a new account or change account setting by opening Edit -> Preferences and either selecting an exisitinng account to Edit or to Add a new account:

enter image description here

In the first tab we may enter our personal account details:

enter image description here

The second tab Receiving Email makes setting for incoming mail (see also above):

enter image description here

Last we need to give the details for Sending Email:

enter image description here


Evolution uses a very standard way to configure email. Centurylink is completely unknown to me and I don't think any email client will have any special wizards for it, like most do for Gmail and the like. When you start Evolution for the first time, you will be presented with a configuration wizard to setup your account. You do need to know the servernames, port numbers and encryption methods that the mailserver uses, and you'll have to ask the provider (centurylink) for that information.

You provide very little information in your question, so it's difficult to know exactly what you find difficult and therefore, it's difficult to provide a very detailed answer.

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