yesterday I have upgrade my Ubuntu version from 12.xx to 14.04. Everything is ok, excepted my svn server. Now I got a error message and need to update svn version. After first searching in internet, I found some easy solution here. Anyway, where is my repository of svn? When I use the order which svn I get the link /usr/bin/svn. But what I should do now? When I use sudo svn upgrade /usr/bin/svn I got a error message translated in english: svn: E155019 is not a basis of workprint and is impossible to open »/usr/bin/.svn/entries« . I suppose, I'm in the false directory, consequently the question is, how I can define the right path to my svn? Thanks in advance


find / -type f -name '.svn' will list all the path containing this directory which is present in each SVN working copy you have on your system.

Change into the top directory found containing a .svn one. There is the top of your working copy where you can run svn upgrade.

As you certainly checked out the SVN using your own user account (svn co <repository location>, you don't need sudo. You don't need to run the svn commands with sudo or all the files checked out will be owned by root. So all editing would have to be done using sudo too.

  • Thank you very much. When I done my update, terminal show me the right directory, so I have solve this problem already 2 hours ago, but forgot to tell this on the forum. But thank you very much – Guforu Aug 20 '14 at 9:36

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