I want to modify a few icons in the theme I am using for smooth tasks where I like two of the display states but one just doesn't look right. How would I go about modifying them, and moreover where are they located?

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    Try these:~/themes, ~/.themes, ~/.kde/share/themes – Mitch Aug 20 '14 at 6:11

Systemwide themes are placed in /usr/share/kde4/apps/desktoptheme/ but you can copy to ~/.kde/share/apps/desktoptheme/ if you want to customize for a user.

KDE Icons are place in /usr/share/icons or in ~/.kde/share/icons. (KDE5: /usr/share/icons or ~/.local/share/icons`)

On the following link there's an nice example on how to customize a theme: https://www.kubuntuforums.net/showthread.php?56120-Customize-plasma-desktop-theme .

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