So, this is not technically my first time installing ubuntu but hopefully will be my first successful time. I always get stuck on the partitioning. Right now i hve some 92 gigs set as unallocated, according to windows partitioning tool. According to ubuntu installers "something else" partitioning tool it says it's unusable.

Every tutorial I find online just says to click install alongside windows and presto, all done. But most completly ignore the something else. And my installer can't detect my OS.

So i just want to know how I can install ubuntu. I'm at the point in the installer looking at this:

 /dev/sdb                                         <-   there's no size on this one.
 /dev/sdb1  ntfs
 /dev/sdb2  ntfs                               <-biggest one, probably windows
 unusable                                          <-this is where I want ubuntu to go.
 /dev/sdb3  ntfs
 /dev/sdb4  ntfs

What do I do?


Create a new partition with the unusable memory and remember the /dev/sdaX of that partition. After that follow the answer in below question for installing Ubuntu with something else option.

How to use manual partitioning during installation?

for more Installing Ubuntu with "something else"

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