There are a lot of clipboard managers available, but I search one which can be used without using the mouse.

Has someone a recommendation for me?


I use Diodon (available from the Software Centre). It keeps a clipboard history of strings that you can access at any moment by pressing Ctrl+Alt+V; you can then select which entry to insert using the arrow keys. You can also change the key combination from Ctrl+Alt+V to something else.

  • Keyboard shortcut doesn't seem to work with XFCE (Linux Mint) – Xen2050 Apr 24 '15 at 20:11

You can also use Clipit.

You can find it into official Ubuntu repositories.

It has a combination of hotkeys to use in Preferences.

Look at the picture below -->

Preferences Tab


You can check Keepboard. It provides configurable shortcut keys for activation and other common operations.

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