I originally installed the dell b1160w printer on ubuntu 12.04. It worked as expected. A few months ago I upgraded to ubuntu 14.04 64 bit and now I can't get the printer to work. I looked at the driver information on the dell site. They have not updated their driver since 2013 so 12.04 is the latest version with a supported driver.

Is there a work around for this problem, like a generic driver that I can use or a way to install whatever printer interface ubuntu 12.04 was using?

I have a windows virtual box. I can get it to work through there, but it's inconvenient to pull up my virtual box and transfer the files over to it anytime I want to print.

  • Did you find a solution ? same problem here, can't get it to work over wifi. It's working with the usb cable though. – Mat Sep 5 '14 at 12:39
  • Finally doesn't work over usb cable, don't know why :/ Ended up setting up an Ubuntu 11.04 virtual box image. I downloaded it from here : sourceforge.net/projects/virtualboximage/files/Ubuntu%20Linux/… (user / passwd : ubuntu / reverse). I've set up a shared folder and I can print without too much trouble. – Mat Dec 24 '14 at 9:57

I installed the driver (B1160w_Linux_v1.04_Driver from the dell site) on a fresh 14.04 machine. The printer worked without a problem.

Hope that helps.

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    AU encourages high-quality answers. You're only offering a rough sketch of your solution. Can you please elaborate and describe it with more detail? Thanks. – David Foerster Oct 25 '14 at 22:42

I downloaded this 1.04 version and then installed it as follows using the Terminal. It seems to be working.

cd Downloads
gunzip B1160w_Linux_v1.04_Driver.tar.gz 
tar -xvf B1160w_Linux_v1.04_Driver.tar 
cd cdroot
cd Linux/
sudo ./install.sh
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    you can skip the gunzip command, when you use tar xzvf in the next command. The z flag for tar makes it piping through gzip automatically – Wayne_Yux Feb 4 '16 at 12:15

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