Prior to the upgrade, I could be on wikipedia and play the 'play' links fine where totem would open a window and have screen graphics go on. Now, after researching, installing VLC and it's extensions, making sure the gnome codec installer is activated, and on and on, all I get is : "The parameters passed to the application had an invalid format. Please file a bug!

The parameters were: --transient-for=16777296 gstreamer|1.0|totem-plugin-viewer|audio/x-midi-event decoder|decoder-audio/x-midi-event" When totem/video opens and I'm not sure whether the bug is being reported or not. Meaning I don't know if APPOrt is active for this as there's no box with a checkmark in it display.

AND the window for totem/video ALWAYS has the sound muted when it opens.

  • You can run ubuntu-bug packagename or ubuntu-bug -w and then click on the offending window. You can also run ubuntu-bug PID replacing the PID and/or packagename variable with the corresponding value. see here askubuntu.com/questions/5121/how-do-i-report-a-bug and here help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs on reporting bugs.
    – mchid
    Aug 18 '14 at 1:09
  • Also, sometimes you can run into trouble if you have conflicting plugins enabled like vlc and totem. If you have more than one running, disable one or the other.
    – mchid
    Aug 18 '14 at 1:14

Solution for Ubuntu 14:04 LTS

  • open Synaptic Package Manager;
  • type in search: fluidsynth;
  • install plugin vlc-plugin-fluidsynth;
  • enjoy.

There is no need to install VLC, because the totem alone works perfectly.

  • Could you please rewrite the question so it easyer tounderstand and read? At least to me it is hard to get. Sep 20 '14 at 6:03
  • That worked for me. Now I just VLC to be the predetermined program to open .mid files
    – Valentin
    Mar 25 '15 at 17:22
  • Totem did not play the MIDI file to me. VLC worked, though.
    – brandizzi
    May 26 '16 at 13:54
  • Wow dude nice find. Now both vlc and totem can play .midi files. I am 16.04 btw
    – smac89
    Nov 26 '17 at 22:27
  • To get Videos/Totem to play MIDIs, without needing to support VLC, all I had to install was the fluidsynth package. Mar 1 '18 at 16:26

I removed and then reinstalled VLC. Then scrolled down for the '41 other technical' at the bottom of the VLC install in Ubuntu Software Center and added "fluid-synth" to install. Resolved problem

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