I would like to use a keyboard shortcut to launch the file manager in the working directory of the terminal (the reverse equivalent of Keyboard shortcut for "open a terminal here").

How can I achieve this?

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A keyboard shortcut like this doesn't exist by default, but you can use the bash built-in bind to define one.

Just add the following section to your ~/.bashrc:

# define function that opens default FM in working directory
    xdg-open "$PWD"
# bind hotkey to it (<Alt><Shift><F>)
bind -x '"\eF":"fmhere"'

\eF is the terminal escape sequence of my keyboard shortcut, Alt+Shift+F. Check out @slm's excellent answer over at unix.SE to learn how to determine the correct escape code for your keyboard shortcut of choice.

Another quick way to determine the escape code:

Open your terminal and press Ctrl+V. Now press your favorite keyboard shortcut. The correct escape code should appear. Just make sure to replace ^[ with \e before adding the shortcut to your .bashrc, e.g. replace ^[F with \eF.




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