Apologies if I overlooked this in the docs somewhere. Let me document something just incase it was missed.

My upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 pauses on a package configuration. The first time I did this I found it to be stuck on a screen saying <Ok> to continue. It seemed unresponsive as I was unable to choose "Ok" with the tab or by way of the mouse and unable to proceed. I hacked around that the first time by guessing and killing that process. This time, I came to my senses and finally figure out that I could hit tab 3 or 4 times to select "<Ok>" then press Enter (I did not screen shot that screen). So, this should be documented somehow, I would be concerned for anyone upgrading.

So, if you unable to select "<Ok>" .. tab repeatedly until it gets selected then press enter.

Now I'm faced with a choice below but I don't know what the implications are. I have gdm installed but I will go with unity. I don't see a link between Unity and lightdm.

What are the implications of choosing either?

enter image description here


LightDM and GDM are Display Managers. If you choose one over the other, the login screen you get differs. That's about it from an end-user perspective. You can always choose the Display Manager by running:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm # or gdm   

You will be presented with a dialogue like the one you have been shown now, and you can select which ever one you want.

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