My top taskbar is missing. No shutdown button, language indicator, date and time. I have Ubuntu 14.04. See here what is missing.

See here what is missing when I'm logged in with another user

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Login to Ubuntu and use Ctrl + Alt + F1 to enter TTY. Next, enter user name, password, and run the following command.


unity --reset

Wait until the process is complete and your user name appears again. Use Ctrl + Alt + F7 to renter the desktop environment.

If there is error reporting wait until finished. If Unity doesn't appear within a minute or two restart and login to Ubuntu and see what happens.

Try this for Ubuntu 14.04:

sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool

To reset Unity, do

unity-tweak-tool --reset-unity

Hope this will help.

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Another way to get a hung taskbar relies on its daemon autostart if not already running, but works for sure in older versions such as Ubuntu 10.04 Could somebody test the method and post here whether it works on newer releases?

As above, Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal

pgrep -u <username> gnome-panel
kill 1234

Where you must replace <username> with yours and 1234 with the displayed pid of the gnome-panel program which had hung.

By comparison to the post above, killing a pid gets an instant (sub-second) result with no need to login again.

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