I had made research about increasing internet speed by connection on multiple source. And i find out that ubuntu support it already. I had connect two phone; iPhone with cable and Samsung with WiFi. and my download speed was increased (not downloading single file just when using internet for opening web pages etc.) Now I want to connect; one or two 3G mobil modem, and one phone with cable, but when I connect 3G modem and phone I only can use one connection at the time and there is no any increase in speed. I had read about bonding, but I dont know would it solve my problem. I just need more bandwidth for surfing web not for download.

Thank you all for your help

  • I really dont undestand downvoting without comment! who you are and what is the reason for downvote? if you have something to say, write comment so I can improve question. – mandza Aug 16 '14 at 11:32

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