As this questions says, the Ubuntu 14.04 Software Center sync doesn't work.

Below there is a comment by MattiJsR:

How will they make the sync work now that U1 is no longer available?

And my question is the same.

Is there an alternative (3rd party) to sync it? If not, will Ubuntu/Canonical bring something in to do that, in the same way just without using the U1 services?


It's the Ubuntu One Files service that got shut down, not Ubuntu One plataform itself.


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  • But can it still sync from the software centre? – Tim Aug 12 '14 at 14:36

My instinct would be that they'll change it at some point to an import/export scheme. In other words, you just have to copy an installed.txt from computer to computer, which is probably what Ubuntu One was doing in the background anyway.

Until they implement that in the GUI, see command-line options in this answer. Although the question is specifically about automatic syncing, the answer by John using dpkg is the easiest manual method.

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