I am useless with computers I know but some documents are - I think - stuck in the queue and thus nothing will print. I have seen other answers which suggest that I should enter lpstat -o in a command line. But what does that mean? Where is a command line?

  • If you add the results of lpstat -o to your question I will make all the commands specific to this question. If unlear PM me and I'll add in more details. – Rinzwind Aug 11 '14 at 14:36
  • For command line (terminal) - ctrl+Alt+T or search in dash for "terminal" – Sudheer Aug 11 '14 at 15:15

Command line is a window where you can type commands. Open "dash" and search for "terminal". It will get you a command prompt. If you then type

lpstat -o

you will get a list all outstanding printjobs with their printer ID and job identification number. If you make a screenshot of that and include the URL to you question I will expand my anwser. Commands to help you get on ...

cancel {printjobID}

will delete that print job from the queue.

cancel -a {printerID}

will cancel ALL printjobs from the queue for that printer. You can also disable/enable the printer to see of the problem is network related

cupsdisable {printer ID}
cupsenable {printer ID}

(if network related you will see the queue clear itself and the printer printing again).

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