How to declare the variable content when running the script?

I know that is possible to use $1 $2 $3 to set a variable when running the script ./script.sh this is sparta, but I did not found a way to set explicit.

Like ./script.sh URL=www.google.com COMMAND=wget

This is possible?


If you invoke it with the variable declarations before the command, bash will put those variables in the environment created for that command. After the command, the variables will no longer exist in the current shell:

$ cat ./script.sh
echo URL is $URL
$ ./script.sh URL=www.google.com COMMAND=wget
URL is
$ URL=www.google.com COMMAND=wget ./script.sh
URL is www.google.com
COMMAND is wget
$ echo $URL,$COMMAND

Reference: http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html#Simple-Command-Expansion

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