Like a lot of window managers, Kwin lets you move windows by holding Alt and dragging them with button 1 on your mouse. This is really great... Until you're in Virtualbox and you try to move a guest window and accidentally de-fullscreen Virtualbox and mess up all your icons on your desktop.

It's annoying. Is there a way to selectively turn it off? The Kwin actions dialogue doesn't seem to have anything for advanced settings.

enter image description here

Perhaps there's a way to make Virtualbox "eat" the Alt key when the mouse is over it? I'd be just as happy with a Virtualbox specific answer because that's the only scenario that really causes me grief.


I do not think it can be solved the exact way you propose.

But you can "trap" the mouse pointer into the virtualbox window.
You need to use a key to release the mouse before you can use it again on the desktop.
See su.SE: How do I trap the mouse pointer within a VirtualBox Guest OS?

Another solution could be to replace the modifier key Alt by Super,
which is often the "Windows" key.

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