Linux newbie, Trying to Install live boot ubuntu 14.04 amd 64. I get this message when booting from USB drive,

This kernel requires an x86-64 cpu but only detected an i686 cpu, unable to boot.

I have an hp desktop, 4 yrs old, and has a dual core athlon II X2 215 processor!! Any ideas, I've been trying to use a live disk or USB for 2 weeks on my system with Windows 7 but have not been able to get it to work yet. I've tried the 32 bit, 64 bit over and over again!!!

I want to keep windows 7 on my system and just "TRY" ubuntu, not install or dual boot yet. I use a program called speccy and it says that my system is 64 bit! Also I have tried the ubuntu 32 bit with no results!!


That your processor only supports 32-bit, but you are trying to install the 64-bit version of Ubuntu. So download the 32-bit version instead and try again.

follow this, and create a live usb of Ubuntu 32-bit and just click try instead of install. Please give me the exact error when it's not working this time.

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