• Hi, We are using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS in our company. I am given Google email for business with email id like sunny@mycompany.com. All of our staff is using empathy for internal communication as well as for gtalk.

  • But when I try to add my email account in empathy list of accounts, it adds the email to list but shows "Disconnected - No Reason Specified" below the account.

Addiing Account

  • I also could not chat within our network by "People Nearby" option, I can see the messages sent to me, but when I try to reply them, the chatbox says: Error sending message 'hi': offline

When using "People Nearby" option

  • If you guys know how to configure business class gmail account in empathy please let me Know.

  • Also if you need more info like logs or something, then I will provide it.

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