How can I get notified of updates to a certain PPA?

For example when I am interested in new package versions of a certain package in a certain PPA?

If a user has the package in question installed and is using the default desktop, she probably get notified via an icon in the traybar or something like that.

But I am searching for a method which works even when the package is not installed (and without gnome).

It should be reliable and prompt.

Does launchpad provides some RSS/Atom-Feed features for PPAs? Or email notifications?

(As a sidenote: I am surprised that even with my own PPA I only get an upload notification via mail - but no notification when the binary package is finished.)


Sadly, Launchpad doesn't offer RSS feeds for PPAs. There's been an open bug on this for a while.

UbuntuUpdates.org is a third party service that offers feeds for some selected PPAs.

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