I have a 2TB Western Digital HDD with one partition formatted as HFS+. I tried pretty much everything to make it readable (not even writable) from Ubuntu Server, but had no success.

I tried:

  • changing my linux uid to 501
  • installing hfsprogs and hfsplus
  • disabling journaling from OSX Disk Utility

I'm blocked.

The root problems seems to be that linux isn't able to read a partition table on the hard drive: when I run sudo fdisk -l, it tells me that

/dev/sdc doesn't contain a valid partition table

That said, I'm obviously not able to mount anything since the OS only knows about /dev/sdc, no partitions like /dev/sdc1.

How can I proceed? I have access to an OSX machine at all times if it's necessary.

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Try adding hfsutils, hfsutils-tcltk, libhfsp-dev, and maybe tmfs will bring in some dependency that will help with your situation:

sudo apt-get install hfsutils hfsutils-tcltk libhfsp-dev tmfs
  • No luck here. Seems like there's some problem with partition tables. Aug 8, 2014 at 9:21

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