I recently downloaded a .zip archive, and i want to unzip it, so that I can run the application inside, but when I try to, it asks for a password. I am the root on my laptop, so I put in my own password, but it said that the password was wrong. Also, that is the only password that exists on my laptop (no other accounts). What should I do?

  • Is the zip folder encrypted with a password? – jmunsch Aug 7 '14 at 16:20

ZIP archives can be encrypted. You will need either to know a decription password specific to the archive you downloaded or you'll need a password-guessing software fcrackzip that will simply try every possible password. The software is in Ubuntu repositories.


the zip file is password protected by his creator, so if you don't know it, you can't open the archive


If you downloaded the .Zip File from a external source like maybe a You Tuber Gave you a link they might have put a lock on the ZIP file itself.

So you need the password to the zip file and not your computer password.

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