Since yesterday Noscript - the extension for Firefox, blocks a request to "panoramtech.net". After some researches, it seems that Panoramtech is a malware. How could my Linux system catch it? What should I do for safely and definitively remove it from my Kubuntu 14.04?


Answered by OP:

The ShowIP extension is the bad guy, and it is calling the malware page.

A new version was pushed out yesterday, v2.5, and it injects a request into every page load to a site thats seems to be well known for malware. I highly recommend disabling it or rolling back to v2.4 if you need it.


For me on Chrome, it was Dailymotion Video downloader with an ID of fjbeholgeggnndklobjgccindfdgbnld. It has since been removed from the store.

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