I downloaded M+ Fonts, and installed using its script to /usr/share/fonts/X11/mplus.

fc-cache shows /usr/share/fonts/X11/mplus: caching, new cache contents: 30 fonts, 0 dirs. But I cannot find the font any where. I have allowed bitmap fonts in fontconfig.


You have to put the .ttf file in your home, particularly in the .fonts folder (and create the folder if it's not there).

Asuming you have your font (myfont.ttf) in your Downloads folder (~/Downloads or /home/**yourname**/Downloads -which is the same thing written in a different way-), the commands you should run are:

mkdir -p ~/.fonts  
cp ~/Downloads/myfont.ttf ~/.fonts/  


Modern versions of Ubuntu (from 12.04 and on) doesn't need you to run a font-cache update. The system will pickup your new font in a pinch. :)

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