When I copy a selection from tmux with a window split, my screen fills up with garbage characters. Depending on the size of the selection, it could be a lot, or just one line. The following images demonstrate:

Selection Area

Then after hitting to make the selection:

enter image description here

Notice all the garbage characters on the right pane.

How do I get rid of this behavior?


There is an option set-clipboard that will try to copy your selection to the x-clipboard with an escape sequence.

:set-option -s set-clipboard off

gnome-terminal does not support this method of using the clipboard, which is the default terminal in Ubuntu.

  • This actually bothered me for a long time (years), and I have finally run across the answer through trial-and-error and running byobu in an xterm. I noticed when I opened byobu/tmux in xterm, I didn't get these characters printed to screen. So, I searched the manual for what it could be. – dpb Aug 5 '14 at 15:53
  • Thank you! This was bugging me for ... well, weeks now. :) – nem75 Apr 16 '15 at 13:27
  • This solution does not work for xfce (XUbuntu 16.04) terminal. – Wilson Freitas Apr 13 '17 at 18:08

Edit ~/.tmux.conf or with Byobu $HOME/.byobu/.tmux.conf:

set -g set-clipboard off

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