i want to create a project and i have installed nodejs, and i have installed npm and on the terminal when i write "express " it do not make a folder or if it make the "npm start" do not have any response. i have taken reference to http://cwbuecheler.com/web/tutorials/2013/node-express-mongo/ site. i have installed C:\node>npm install -g express in thi way... now when i do this the /usr/bin/npm there is a already created file which is giving error. Can i delete this file or any solution?


It looks like you were following a tutorial that was written with Windows in mind, as evidenced by the C:\node> prefix in their console.

To install Node.js on Ubuntu:

There is already a good question on AskUbuntu about how to install the latest version of Node.js. I would recommend either installing using the NVM too, which won't require you to use sudo to install packages through npm, or install from a PPA.

Both of these options will include NPM, so you'll be ready for the next step.

Generating an app with Express

Get the generator

If you want to use Express from the command line to generate an app, you'll need to run npm install -g express-generator. Note that the tool is called express-generator, not express. And if you installed Node from the PPA, you'll need to add a sudo before the npm install command.

Make a directory

Create a directory for you project:

mkdir ~/MyWebApp

And change into that directory

cd ~/MyWebApp


Once inside that directory, you can run the express generator from the command line:


You can also create the directory and generate the app in one step:

express MyWebApp

Running the above will automatically create a MyWebApp folder inside of whatever directory you are currently in, and it will generate the express app there.

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