I made a lot of research before I put this question. I found a different links to do batch rename using regex like this and other similars:

*Pattern based, batch file rename in terminal

My problem is this, I want to do batch rename using Regex but my code doesn't work.

I have inside a folder different files named like this:


And I want to rename the files like this:


The code that approximate most of that I want was:

$  rename -v 's/house\_[0-9]\_door/house_[0-9]/'

But as you should know the first file was renamed as: name_house_[0-9].jpg


You need to use backreferences. Character classes don't mean anything in the replacement expression. In fact, few characters have special meanings in the replacement expression. I suppose something like:

rename -v 's/house_([0-9])_door/house_$1/'


rename -v 's/(house_[0-9])_door/$1/'

Also, do use the -n flag to see what renamings will happen before actually performing them.


A much easier way would be to just delete _door using rename:

rename -v 's/_door//' *

This searches for _door and replaces it with nothing, essentially deleting it.

  1. You are escaping the underscore in the search side of the expression and should not be.
  2. You need a sub-search (the numbers) and a place holder to store and use the result of the sub-search.

Adding parentheses around the [0-9] will create the needed sub-search. Since it is the first sub-search it can be referred to as $1 in the replace side. The result follows..

rename -v 's/house_([0-9])\_door/house_$1/' *

Hope this helps.

  • But you are also "escaping the underscore in the search side". This contradiction may confuse researchers. – mickmackusa Apr 17 '20 at 22:19

This works in Fish Shell

for file in *.jpg;  
    mv -n $file (basename $file _door.jpg).jpg; 

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