I was just installing updates for 10.10 amd_64 Ubuntu desktop guest system, but the system seems to have frozen while applying changes, going into host-F1 terminals doesn't work.

If I do a hard reset of the virtual machine, what sort of manteinance/recovery operation should I do? Any apt-get commands I should do to rollback the installation/obtain more info of the problem?


Well, the easiest way to recover a virtual machine is to make use of the snapshot feature available in VirtualBox. As far as apt-get, you can try apt-get check, which will make sure none of your packages are broken--i.e. missing dependencies. It there are any, you can use apt-get --fix-broken install to allow apt to try to automagically fix it. In the worst case, apt-get remove <pkg-name> any broken packages, and try to reinstall them via apt-get install <pkg-name>. In the very worst case, you might have to use dpkg --remove <pkg-name if apt cannot remove them for some reason.

NB: This is just a quick synopsis; it cannot instil wisdom or avert impending experience.

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