I have installed the Vim-LaTeX plugin, which is great for editing LaTeX documents in Vim. However, I have one problem with viewing the output file.

The tutorial says to use the \lv command. However, when I try that, it tries to open foo.dvi with evince, which happens to fail spectacularly:

evince failure

This is strange, though, since the docs say that xdvi should be the default DVI viewer in the first place. Anyway, I tried setting it as the default:

:let g:Tex_ViewRule_dvi = 'xdvi'

This had absolutely no effect. When I tried

:!xdvi foo.dvi

it worked perfectly, but I would prefer the easier \lv shortcut instead.

How can I solve this problem? I'm running Ubuntu 14.04 with Vim 7.4.

  • What happens if you double-click a .dvi file in nautilus? Maybe the MIME associations are messed up... (just a shot in the dark, I use LaTeX-Box and not Vim-LaTeX so I can't check).
    – Rmano
    Aug 1, 2014 at 10:13
  • @Rmano Spot on - I changed the association with mimeopen and that fixed it. Thanks! (you can add that as an answer, so I can accept it)
    – Doorknob
    Aug 1, 2014 at 10:36

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If Vim-LaTeX is using the standard MIME database for opening the .dvi file, the problem could be that the default association is wrong. I have a couple of system where .dvi files where associated with evince that is not able to open them.

You can check which application is the default one for opening a file with, for example, Ubuntu Tweak, in Admin->File Type Manager:

enter image description here

And adding xdvi if it is missing:

enter image description here

Or using the command-line mimeopen:

[romano:~/tmp] 130 % mimeopen test.dvi   
Please choose a default application for files of type application/x-dvi

    1) Print Preview  (evince-previewer)
    2) Document Viewer  (evince)
    3) Other...

use application #3
use command: xdvi
Opening "test.dvi" with xdvi  (application/x-dvi)

which will change the default too.

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