I have a problem with my webcam working in browser, I tried Firefox and chromium first. When I go to the flash plugin setting


It doesn't show the websites that I want to allow to access the webcam. So I used chrome.

In chrome I was able to allow flash to access my webcam but still doesn't work.

PS The cam works on cheese booth without an problem, and am using Ubuntu 14.04

  • is you webcam working wiht other application – Hackaholic Nov 1 '14 at 21:15

Flash is now phased out of chrome. To fix a USB camera permissions problem (the camera wasn't working in Chrome), I ended up doing this:

sudo chmod g+rw /dev/video0

More detail here:


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It's probably a permissions problem. Try adding your account to the video and audio groups under manage groups.

Also, check if you are running Chrome as an un-privileged account (rather than your own account). If you are, you'll need to add that user to video and audio groups, also.

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