The process: I had a Windows 7 partition and an Ubuntu 11.04 partition on the same HDD. (35GB Windows 7, 400GB data, 15GB free for Linux). Windows 7 was installed first, then Ubuntu with GRUB loader.

In Windows 7, I removed the Ubuntu partition (carelessly, I must admit) to resize it, and reinstall a clean ubuntu 14.04.

In the process, it killed GRUB (and I don't remember on which partition it was installed). I was unable to boot Windows 7 anymore. So i managed to get a Windows 7 rescue shell and prompt some bootrec /fixmbr and now i can boot normally on Windows 7.

Problem is : Windows 7 rescue disk and stuff cannot detect any Windows 7 installation on my HD. bootrec /scanos or /rebuildbcd tells me 0 Windows installation found!

Ubuntu 14.04.1 installer cannot find my Windows 7 installation / partition either! (And suggests a full erase disk & install, which is no good.)

How can I fix my Windows 7 boot? How do I reinstall GRUB? or Ubuntu, keeping my Windows 7 partitions?

I'm ok with installing a more aggressive Linux distro (but which one?) capable of detecting/cleaning my boot loaders and then reinstall Grub, and then I'll reinstall Ubuntu over it.


  • If Windows is booting fine, we can always add an entry to the GRUB menu after installing Ubuntu. For now, don't choose the full-disk-erase option, but select "Something Else" and use only the partition you kept aside for Ubuntu. Don't format the Windows or Data partitions and you will be fine.
    – muru
    Jul 31, 2014 at 13:42

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