Is Ubuntu+Xubuntu-desktop exactly the same as installing Xubuntu from the ISO?

If not, what are the differences?

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    Ubuntu+Xubuntu-desktop means system will have unity desktop and xfce. Xubuntu ISO means system will have only xfce. – bain Jul 31 '14 at 9:49

Ubuntu normally comes with what is provided by ubuntu-desktop meta-package, whilst Xubuntu normally comes with what is provided by the xubuntu-desktop meta-package.

  • Xubuntu has the XFCE desktop, but does not have the Unity desktop, whilst Ubuntu + Xubuntu-desktop would have both.

  • Ubuntu + Xubuntu-desktop will use more disk space, due to extra packages for Unity etc

  • The Xubuntu-desktop package should install all the packages that Xubuntu would come installed with - from here:

    Ubuntu System Metapackages

    xubuntu-desktop: The XFCE desktop environment, and all the software distributed with Xubuntu

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    In my experience, ubuntu-desktop and xubuntu-desktop play nicely together (contrary to ubuntu-desktop and ubuntu-gnome-desktop, which will interact often badly --- overlay scrollbar and global menu create strange things...). – Rmano Jul 31 '14 at 11:21

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