I can actually use my BT keyboard to select an OS at start up.
Once Ubuntu starts and I try to search for devices they will flash in the window momentarily and not connect and then the menu bar bluetooth icon shows a lock, so I believe bluetooth is being blocked by something as soon as it discovers any devices.
Late 2011 MacBook Pro.


I had to hold the right side button on both the keyboard and the track pad until they show up in the Add Device screen.

The keyboard was easy to set up.

The track pad would not pair the first 2 times, but I selected the 0000 pin option and 2 more times and it finally worked.

I find that I have to unplug my usb mouse for the track pad to work properly. I shut down and rebooted... All is Well :-).

The BT icon shows up with the lock symbol still, but when I add a device it goes away then comes back after it has paired.

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