In 10.04 it was easy to display icecast streams; but whenever i click on the plugin nothing happens and no stream directory is loaded. The station recorder plugin seems to have disappeared also. If somenbody nows a fix thanx a lot.


Streamtuner + Streamripper:

or maybe

sudo apt-get install streamripper streamtuner

(I found a streamtuner2 in Synaptic too)

Run Streamtuner - There are a lot of radios listed in there, search and just add them to bookmarks.

enter image description here

The music starts playing in external player (default player can be changed in Preferences). Recording automatically starts Streamripper - in terminal (by default, xterm).

Can only record mp3. Gives specific name of music file as specified by the radio.

Settings for custom folder for recorded files might not work, they go in home/user/name-of-radio.

Recording stops if xterm or Streamtuner is closed.

To add other stations that streamtuner might not know of - you can do that in Streamtuner - Stream - New Preselection. (See a possible problem here.)

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StreamRipStar (Download via Sourceforge) is a convenient GUI for recording radio streams. I use it frequently.

Recording can be done time-delayed via built-in schedule manager, so you can record broadcasts while you are absent. (You may use an application like Sentinella for time-delayed shutdown of the system after recording has finished.)

Since it is in Java, you need to have Java runtime installed. This can be done via the Software Center: openjdk-7-jre.

It is run through Java:

java -jar StreamRipStar<version_number>.jar

Here are some screenshots.

Main window:

Streamripstar (main window)

Schedule manager:

Streamripstar (schedule manager)

"Add schedule job" dialogue:

Streamripstar ("add schedule job" dialogue)

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You can use the pre-installed app Sound Recorder while you are listening to your music station.

enter image description here

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  • It records in very poor quality. – voiger Dec 17 '13 at 12:28

You can also use vlc to record streams.

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    Can you expand this answer (by editing) to explain how? – Eliah Kagan Sep 8 '12 at 10:15

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