I want to make a few installation scripts via .SH files, and then upload them to http://launchpad.net? How would I do that?


Firstly, you don't compile a .sh file. What you need to do is create a Debian package for your program to upload to Launchpad PPAs.

The packaging guide details all the steps in creating a package. You ultimately have to create the package from scratch and follow the guide to make sure you meet all the requirements. There may be simpler how-tos for everything in this question on Ask Ubuntu, it has my two (VERY BASIC) how-tos, which will walk you through creation of the package, but it does violate a lot of the packaging requirements, including manpages, etc.

However. As someone who has made administration scripts myself, it may be more prudent to just provide users the .sh scripts and run them themselves from wherever they want, rather than install them as if they were an executable, either in a bzr repository or a git repository somewhere.

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