Thinking about what would be useful to display in a screensaver, I realized that it would be nice to know how long the screensaver has been running. gnome-screensaver-command --time takes care of that. Now, how can I create a simple screensaver based on this value (plus perhaps some ps output), updating it at regular intervals?

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If you're technically inclined, you can actually write one without too much trouble!

Here's the popsquares source. Look how tiny it is!

GNOME Screensaver actually does support xscreensaver, so you can do this a few different ways :)

Here's a guide for writing an xscreensaver, and some examples, as well as how they're invoked by the screensaver it's self.

Here's a bit more from the GNOME website.

I'd personally love this app! Perhaps someone could write it!


You could also use the Phosphor xscreensaver and just give it that for the input...

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    I know that I could search a bit to set it up, but could you please detail the steps to do so?
    – Braiam
    Aug 8, 2013 at 3:33

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