How to change temporarily the name of one of the subterminals in Terminator from the command line of that specific subterminal?

I have tried for example this:

echo -ne "\033]0;SOME TITLE HERE\007"

but without success


I just hit the same problem and think its a bug/feature.

I'm using 'terminator 0.97' and for me the following only works if you have not already set a title for your terminator terminal using '--title' or '-T':

echo -ne "\033]0;SOME TITLE HERE\007"
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I'm on Ubuntu 15.04, using BASH in Terminator. This seems to work for me:

$ echo -en "\e]2;YOUR TITLE HERE\a"

I made this function for it in ~/.bashrc

function title()
   echo -en "\e]2;$1\a"

Use it on the command line like:

$ title 'MY NEW TITLE'
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