For example, this site has thumbnails, and clicking on them loads the full sized image.

Now, the full size images are also embedded in a site that ends with .aspx.

So I need an app or code to first scan the thumbnails, then go to the site which has the embedded full sized image and then download it.

I hope someone could help.

I just moved from Windows, so I don't have any apps or software that didn't come along with Ubuntu 14.04. I think from the terminal I have downloaded wget (or else it came along with the OS.) Anyway, I had used it once (tried to) for the same task in the question but I don't know what commands to use.

  • Actually, in Windows I used a software BulkImageDownloader. But it doesn't seem to work in Ubuntu even with Wine. So I needed an application like that for use in Linux. I was saying "In case" such an app is not available at the moment, a script would do.None of the Mozilla addon seem to work(atleast the ones Ii tried like DTA)
    – justine
    Jul 23, 2014 at 14:05

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You can, of course, write small script to do that. But I would rather use some existing tools.

Try for example: HTTrack

sudo apt-get install httrack
  • Thanks. I downloaded it but isn't working. ( for this site)
    – justine
    Jul 23, 2014 at 14:24

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